Overcoming Fake Talk

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Overcoming Fake Talk is a complete approach to the art of recognizing Fake Talk and adjusting your communication to accomplish what we really want in our conversations.

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Can You Follow the Current in a Conversation? 8 Tips for Staying in the Flow

While I was in college, I worked during the summers as a whitewater guide running the rapids in Grand Canyon, Arizona. One of the first things that you learn as a guide is to follow the current of the river downstream. Read more

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Do Your Questions Really Matter? 4 Types of Questions to Improve Results

Many years ago, I was assigned a business coach as part of my professional development plan. At first I didn’t really think that I needed a coach to help me grow and develop in my career aspirations. Then one day when things were not going particularly well, she asked me, “If you could paint a picture for me of how you are feeling at this moment, how would it look?” Read more

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Fear of Failure? 10 Tips to Insure Your Success

At the beginning of a new year, we often begin new projects and set goals for ourselves. Many times our attempts at improvement are not as successful or don’t deliver the results that we expected. When this happens, it is easy to become discouraged. Read more

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