Overcoming Fake Talk

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Overcoming Fake Talk is a complete approach to the art of recognizing Fake Talk and adjusting your communication to accomplish what we really want in our conversations.

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9 Strategies to Becoming a Fantastic Listener

Not long ago I was reflecting on a conversation that I had with my spouse. I thought that I had not been a very good listener in a conversation that we had about an hour earlier. Knowing that she was in the next room, I called out to her, “Stephanie, I was thinking about that conversation we just had, and I was thinking I need to apologize for not listening or giving you my full attention when you were talking. Will you forgive me?” She responded, “For which time?” Read more

October 8, 2015 Communication 2 comments Read more

Do You Communicate to Control or to Connect?

Years ago I started to notice that the way I spoke to my children did not produce the desired results. I remember one day when my oldest brought home a B- in math, and I said something like, “You got a B- in math? What happened?” Immediately my spouse responded with, “Some kind of a communication expert you are!” Read more

October 2, 2015 Communication Influence 2 comments Read more

Are You Afraid of Conflict? Nine Steps to Resolving Conflict

Any conversation that has the potential for conflict is a conversation that people generally avoid. Conflict can occur any time there is a disagreement over a course of action. Read more

September 17, 2015 Communication 3 comments Read more