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Can You Talk About Anything
with Anyone at Anytime?

Eight Principles for Holding REAL Conversations


Some conversations are simply difficult to hold—either we avoid them altogether, or our best attempts leave much to be desired. Most of us struggle to talk about what matters most. We engage in “fake talk”—all kinds of verbal noise that fails to achieve results, create respect, and build the relationships that we desire. Fill out your information below to receive a link to the webinar.

In order to achieve all that we want through conversation, we need to learn to hold REAL conversations. REAL Conversations are created by applying nine specific principles that impact every conversation that we hold: awareness, knowledge, reflection, perception, preparation, expression, discovery, connection, and creation. Whether we are consciously aware of these principles or not, they influence every conversation we hold and they can be learned, understood, and applied to the most difficult conversations that confront us. Everyone can learn to talk about any topic, with anyone, at anytime.

In this session, you will learn to:  

  • Recognize the unnoticed dynamics in conversation and learn to manage them to achieve results
  • Use the REAL Conversations process for holding any conversation with anyone, no matter how difficult the topic.
  • Notice when a conversation is going awry and what to do about it.
  • Identify the different “interaction styles” that people display and discover how to match their style to increase connection and engagement.
  • Surface and challenge the accuracy of your thinking.
  • Express your ideas to create more contribution and collaboration instead of defensiveness and resistance.
  • Prepare a difficult conversation that will guarantee your success.
  • Ask the types of questions that increase security and openness.
  • Unmask the hidden meaning behind "hot" or negative emotions.
  • Create the outcomes you desire by choosing to change your thinking.
  • And much, much more…

Join us for this free webinar that will apply the REAL Talk principles that are discussed in our new book, Overcoming Fake Talk . We know you won’t be disappointed!

Please join us for this free webinar.


This teleseminar is presented by John R. Stoker, President of Light Storm Consulting and DialogueWORKS and author of Overcoming Fake Talk. See his full bio here.