Our Alliance Partners

We are committed to helping people improve the quality of their relationships, create and increase respect, and achieve more effective results through REAL conversation. If you are likewise committed to helping individuals and organizations increase their capability and capacity for success, we would welcome the opportunity to explore a strategic alliance.

We are looking for a select number of what we call "Alliance Partners": individuals or small companies who desire to represent and deliver DialogueWORKS training solutions to their existing clients.

After meeting our established criteria for becoming an Alliance Partner, individuals become certified to facilitate and train DialogueWORKS programs. Or, a partner may simply offer one or more different products that DialogueWORKS may offer to its clients. Whatever the case, we are committed to helping others—our partners and their clients—improve relationships, respect, and results in their personal and professional lives.

If you are interested in becoming an Alliance Partner, we look forward to visiting with you. Please contact us online, email us at, or call us at 801-491-5010.

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    DOOR International

    The purpose of DOOR Consulting is to help our clients turn their strategic business goals into reality, through successful consulting, training, coaching, technology & assessment assignments. DOOR'S approach is best described as a partnership, where they seek to clarify the strategic business goals, opportunities, and challenges that clients face. DOOR then works with clients to achieve the exact solution that meets and exceeds expectations. We are part of the DOOR International global network, which has local expertise in over fifty countries around the world. We have a highly skilled and experienced team of international consultants and facilitators, working with the world’s leading organizations.

    DOOR’s mission is to help organizations and individuals improve their performance and effectiveness. DOOR's programs of results-based training and development are customized to meet our customers’ unique challenges, needs and values. DOOR always puts the customer first in developing solutions that help individuals develop sustainable skills and habits in order to acheive measurable results.  

    DOOR offers knowledge and skills in three key areas: Sales Excellence; Leadership and Management; and Individual Effectiveness. DOOR solutions provide employees with the motivation, skills, and tools to change their behavior effectively and increase competence. Consequently, DOOR trainers, coaches and consultants are passionate about guiding people and organizations to excel. Our success depends on your success. 

    Duncan Worldwide

    Since 1972, Duncan Worldwide has helped smart people work smarter. Integrating best-in-class diagnostics, training programs, and coaching solutions, Duncan Worldwide cultivates high-engagement, high-accountability work cultures where individuals and teams produce impressive results, not excuses.

    Peterson Gillespie

    Helping individuals and organizations get to what is real, the work that drives results, is at the core of what PetersonGillespie does; it defines who they are and how they engage. Their experience confirms that smart people often know “what to do,” however, they fall short in the “how to do it”—or even worse, they are focused on doing work that has no real impact on success.

    By integrating best-in-class diagnostics, training programs, and coaching solutions, PetersonGillespie cultivates high-engagement, high-accountability work cultures where individuals and teams produce impressive results, not excuses. They believe smart people aspire to be aligned with purpose, to excel, and to create value. PetersonGillespie can help you and your people transform good intentions into outstanding results.

    We have helped some of the world’s top-performing organizations. Yours should be next.


    SmartWorks is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organizations work smarter for better results. We stand at the intersection where science meets practical application--we bring the latest research and best-in-class solutions to workplace learning. Our diverse client list ranges from large multinational corporations to small local start-ups. Our passion is to create lasting change through increased performance.