Guiding Principles

DialogueWORKS is a training and organizational development firm that believes REAL Conversation is the key to increasing individual capacity by creating respect, building relationships, and achieving results.

Performance of people is central to personal, professional, and organizational effectiveness. Or as we say, "Organizationsdon't perform, people do!" When people can't talk about what really matters, results are poor, expectations are violated, respect and trust are lacking, and accountability is non-existent. The company culture is stifling--people walk to work and run home, rather than vice-versa. On the other hand, people in organizations that support REAL Conversations are energized, engaged, collaborative, and accountable.

We help organizations put people back into the business of the business. Our training focuses on time-tested models and principles that improve individual performance and effectiveness by creating a culture based on respect, trust, candor, collaboration, learning, and accountability to achive results.

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  • Many people like to test or explore the thinking that goes into our training. If that describes you, download our article on Defusing Defensiveness.
  • Finally, if you are the type of person who likes to know what others think, check out comments from previous clients and participants in our Testimonials.


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