Gentle Reminders

May we gently remind you...

Gentle Reminders are additional knowledge and skill assets in the form of content, stories, and exercises that extend the learning from the book Overcoming Fake Talk. Each of the elements listed below are related to a specific topic or chapter in the book. Each reminder provides you, the reader, with specific assignments and activities that will improve your ability to talk about what matters most. We hope that you enjoy them.

Also, we encourage and invite you to send us your questions, and any suggestions you may have for additional 'reminders' that will help you and others to continually incorpate the primciples of Overcoming Fake Talk.  Please write us your questions and ideas at

What Keeps You Up at Night?
This reminder is intended to help you identify what you might work on or the conversation that is in most need of your repair or attention.
The Awareness Principle--Choose to Be Conscious
"Why Can't You See What is Happening?"
This reminder gives some additional clues that will help each individual to recognize where their conversation is and where it is headed and what to do to lift the conversation in a more positive direction.
The Knowledge Principle--Know to Do
"What Are REAL Conversations?"
The necessity of internalizing the REAL Skills and the process for using those skills is reviewed and applied.
The Reflection Principle--Reflect Reflections
"Do You Ruin Everything by Being You?"
This reminder reviews the principles of how we reflect our "Interaction" Style to others and how the others may actually reflect our style back to us.
The Perception Principle--Recognize and Suspend to Uncover
"How Do You Get Out of Your Stinking Thinking?"
This segment reviews how our minds fill in the blank and make assumptions that aren't complete or accurate, resulting in reactive behavior on our part that does not help us get what we really want.
The Preparation Principle--Prepare or Beware
"Can You Talk About What Really Matter?"
This short lesson reviews how our brain doesn't do us any favors and how if we do not make a number of conscious decisions about how we want to hold the conversation and what we wish to achieve, then we increase the likelihood that the conversation will not go well.
The Expression Principle--Express Your Intention
"Do You Open Your Mouth and Remove All Doubt?"
This reminder addresses how adopting a certain role during a conversation has the impact to influence our words, tone, and demeanor on creating a more powerful message.
The Discovery Principle--Ask to Reveal
"How is the Answer in the Question?"
This short segment deals with the power of asking self-reflective questions that inspire thinking in ourselves and others.
The Connection Principle--Listen and Attend to Connect
"Why Ego Off?"
This reminder introduces two exciting way to listen to others that will help you understand what is really going on with them?
Progression--How Do You Move Forward?
This reminder establishes the necessity of making concrete plans for improving your conversation skills, and offers one to the most effective ways to help you remember to practice what you want to improve.