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The following information is important for those purchasing goods or services.

  • All transactions are in United States Dollars (USD).


Description of Goods and Services

LightStorm Consulting, dba DialogueWORKS, offers REAL Talk Conversational Recipes and Executive Preview enrollment on its site.

  • REAL Talk Conversational Recipes are comprised of instructional materials to help individuals improve their conversational skills in a variety of situations. Every recipe includes an audio-visual (A/V) lesson and a Conversation Guide in a downloadable .PDF format.

Upon the purchase of an individual recipe, the A/V file may be viewed on the site up to three (3) times; however, the .PDF for each recipe may be downloaded only one (1) time per purchase.

DialogueWORKS (or LightStorm Consulting) is not responsible for any computer malfunction or the inability of the cardholder to access its content via the internet. All sales are final and no refunds are available.

DialogueWORKS is not responsible for any change in circumstances that might inhibit an enrolled participant from attending. An enrolled participant may substitute another individual to take his or her place at an event by contacting

  • REAL Talk Executive Briefings are typically half-day training events which are conducted across North America. These events are designed to improve participants’ conversation skills and to preview the content of the DialogueWORKS course material. Once an individual has paid the event fee via credit card, no refunds will be available.

DialogueWORKS may choose to cancel an event at its discretion. Any cancellation of an event will result in a full refund to all enrolled participants.

  • DialogueWORKS Trainings are typically two-day events that are offered at a number of different venues across the country. No refund will be offered once a credit card has been used to enroll for an event. However, an individual may substitute another individual to attend the event in their place should they so desire.


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