Fake Talk Book

Learn the Skills to Talk About
Anything, Anytime, with Anyone!


Overcoming Fake Talk: How to Create REAL Conversations to Create Respect, Build Relationships, and Get Results will help you hold any difficult conversation. Learn how to improve your professional and personal life by exploring these content areas:

  • Click About the Book to watch the book trailer and see what other authors and professionals are saying about the book.  
  • Learn more about the REAL Talk Training that supports the book for events or trainings in your organization.
  • Download the free REAL Talk App to help you learn and prepare to hold REAL Conversations.
  • Watch the Gentle Reminders that we created to support the principles addressed in the book. Each Gentle Reminder contains stories and additional skills not presented in the book. 
  • Read the Lost Chapter that was omitted from the book because of space constraints. It contains additional skills and stories that will add more value in helping you talk about what matters most.

All of these resources are intended to help you increase your knowledge and skills for holding REAL Conversations.