Expanding Leadership Capacity




This program provides you with models and skills to craft and hold any of the difficult conversations that face today’s leaders.

Because “people management” skills have been identified as the most significant weakness of most leaders, understanding how to improve those skills in order to increase productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, and retention are major challenges facing today’s leaders.

A leader’s ability to clearly manage expectations and hold people accountable is a crucial element of improving execution and achieving results!

What Keeps You Up At Night?

As a leader in your personal or professional life, are you challenged with any of the following scenarios?

  • Constant change that leads to changing priorities and lack of focus.

  • Managing unrealistic expectations regarding the use of resources or project completion.

  • Lack of accountability—which leads to poor performance, blame, resentment, and constant excuses.

  • Others' acting on assumptions that lead them to focus on the wrong results or engage in work-arounds that cost more and take longer.

  • Disgruntled employees who spend more energy on causing dissension than on doing the work.

  • Disrespect and disengagement because of the style differences with which people communicate and interact with others.

  • Avoidance of performance review or other conversations where employees expect one thing and get another.

If these challenges or others are part of the conversations that you encounter, we can help!

The Leadership Communication Program

This program combines the skills of effective dialogue and focuses on the DialogueWORKS models by using the phases of Initiation, Discovery, Connection, and Building to create and hold any potentially difficult conversation.

Key Course Objectives

The course specifically applies the DialogueWORKS model to conversations that deal with defusing defensiveness, giving feedback, managing expectations, and valuing others.

You can expect this program to increase awareness and to develop applicable, practical skills:

  • Initiate or begin a potentially difficult conversation by engaging the other person effectively.

  • Increase accountability in performance and behavior to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Identify and communicate clear expectations for improved execution and focus.

  • Manage the "drama" that accompanies performance-based issues to increase individual responsibility and initiative.

  • Involve others in finalizing plans in order to increase buy-in and commitment.

  • Recognize and manage differences in Interaction Styles, and in turn increase respect and trust.

  • Establish shared goals to improve motivation, increase understanding, and reduce resentment and blame.

Learning Process

The learning process involves group discussion, personal application of theory to specific skills, self-assessment, role-play, and video examples. Participants are expected to complete a pre-work assignment which serves as a focus for their learning during the course of the program and to identify challenging leadership conversations to which they would like to apply their skills. Participants also create an individualized action plan to focus future personal development.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders at all levels of the organization will benefit. Any individual who is interested in enhancing his or her leadership skills within personal or professional leadership responsibilities will benefit from the course.

Course Length

2-day, 1-day, customizable. Any course can be adapted for presentation LIVE, ONLINE.

What’s Next?

To discover how Expanding Leadership Training from DialogueWORKS® can help you or your organization, call 1-801-491-5010 or email us at info@dialogueworks.com.