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12 Do's for Holding Difficult Conversations

Six Tips for Making Difficult Conversations Easier




Dawn Klingensmith reports: "Say It, Don't Slay It: Why Using the Right Words at Work Matters"






Alise Cortez of Working on Purpose:
Is Fake Talk Holding Back Your Success and Depriving You of the Results You Really Want?

Stephanie Erickson of Caregivers' Circle: How Real Conversations Lead to Real Relationships

Erika Rawes of Wall Street Cheat Street: 
3 Reasons You Are Stressed out at Work, and How to Handle It

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Fresh Living: Overcoming Fake Talk

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Jane Anderson on Overcoming Fake Talk

Gwen Moran in Fast

Blogger Chris Lewis of Dad of Divas recommends Overcoming Fake Talk for leaders

Karen Schwarze of the Deseret News: Overcoming Fake Talk can help improve relationships

Business News Daily Expert Voices

Blogger SlowMoneyFarm promotes Overcoming Fake Talk in her blog recommending summer reading choices. (We are pleasantly surprised at who is reading the book!)






John Robert Stoker & The River Runner of Clear Conversations

Lisa B. Marshall, author of Smart Talk, on Overcoming Fake Talk

Shawn Murphy on Work That Matters: How to Overcome Fake Talk

John Stoker, Guest Blogger on Soundview Pro: "Do You Really Want to Take the Plunge (Tell the Truth?)"

John Stoker, Guest blogger for Mark Carrington-Cycle Tourist on "Dealing with a Closed Mind"

Guest post on Chantal Bechervaise

Guest post on Martina

Guest post on Non Profit Insurance Blog: "Learning to Reverse Spiraling Conversations"

Podcast, Manager Mojo: The Alarming Truth About Fake Talk and Low Productivity

Guest Blogger on Thought Leaders, LLC: How to Better Deal with Angry People

Interviewed on the Engaging Leader podcast series by Jesse Lahey of Aspendale Communications

Podcast, Manage Smarter: Navigating Difficult Conversations


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