About Us

Although we choose to reside in the beautiful serenity of the mountainous West, our clients and consultants are located throughout North America and other parts of the globe. Learn more about us by checking out the links below.

  • Learn about Our Company by reviewing our strategic offerings as well as our mission and values.
  • Discover Our Guiding Principles, which form the foundation of how we work, manage, and contribute to the success of others. These principles are the basis of the trust others place in us to serve them well.
  • Meet Our Founder, the president of DialogueWORKS and the creator and designer of our acclaimed training products and services.
  • Review Our Experience in a number of fields and see the wide variety of companies and organizations that we have helped achieve their goals.
  • Learn about Our Partners with whom we work, serving a number of different clients in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Review Our Services to understand more about our training, keynotes, certification, survey, and coaching offerings.
  • Read several client Testimonials to hear first-hand accounts about the quality of products and services that we provide and about the effects our trainings have had in client organizations.

We hope this information will give you a deeper understanding of who we are and also give you confidence in what we offer.