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360° Surveys

Because the key to finding the right solution is identifying the real problem.

Our key deliverables to clients are answers and insight. We help our clients identify strengths and weaknesses around any number of issues, and we help them better understand what buttons to push to fix those problems.

Who We Are

Light Storm Consulting (DialogueWORKS, LLC) has many years of experience doing organizational and individual assessments in all types of organizations across a wide variety of industries. Our team is made up of more than just “number crunchers” or computer programmers. While we do have extensive technological capabilities for executing survey projects, it is our years of organizational consulting experience, executive coaching, training and development experience that make our service unique. Our broad and deep exposure to the workings of organizations of all shapes and sizes gives us insights that enable us to ask the questions that really matter, and that help us assist organizations in dealing effectively with the answers we provide. In fact, why not design a training initiative to improve results. Using our assessment process we can do just that.

Our Capabilities

We maintain an extensive tool box to assist in the creation, administration, analysis and reporting of organizational surveys and assessments.

Survey Creation

Our years of experience assisting in organizational change initiatives give us critical insights into the issues that really matter to organizations and their leaders. If needed, we are ready to work with clients to update or modify existing surveys, or to create completely new surveys.

Survey Administration

We can administer surveys using paper and pencil, by telephone (IVR), or online via the internet.

Paper and Pencil

While the web and IVR have replaced most paper and pencil survey administration processes, there are still some populations for whom paper is the best option. With our current client base, we process about 15,000 paper surveys a year. We offer the following services for paper surveys:

  • Design and layout of the paper survey forms
  • Translation into or from almost any language
  • Design and layout of foreign language surveys
  • Double-entry survey processing (Each survey is entered twice; our software flags any discrepancies and will not proceed until each discrepancy is corrected. This feature assures high accuracy for paper survey data entry.)
  • Rapid turnaround


We have managed to replace paper and pencil surveys in many populations by offering Interactive Voice Response(IVR) surveys as an alternative. Respondents call a toll-free number which is answered by a recorded human voice which asks them each question in the survey. Respondents answer by pressing the appropriate key on their telephone touch pad.Open-ended comments are recorded and transcribed. We offer the following services and features with IVR surveys:

  • Translation and recording in most any language
  • Real-time participation reports via the web
  • Complete user-controlled navigation (back up,repeat, skip, etc.)
  • Password protection
  • Data pipe in/pipe out
  • Scalable to accommodate high volume surveys
  • Respondent lock-out (helps prevent respondent from completing more than one survey)

By far the most flexible and cost-effective data entry and collection vehicle is the worldwide web. We have extensive online capabilities, including:

  • Real time online reporting (Allows clients to track response rates and results at will.)

  • Web surveys provided in almost any language
  • Skips and branching options for single and multiple-answer questions
  • Complex patterns of nested skips and branches
  • Skip/branch based on hidden fields (i.e.password or value piped from launch URL)
  • Password protection (Full set of login types:unique, global, multiple shared-use, and name/password combinations)
  • Dynamically generated unique password file built on the fly as respondents log in
  • Leave/Resume via bookmark, favorites, resume code, or cookie
  • Back/Forth with saved data
  • Data piping from outside database or .csv
  • Piping/passing data via launch URL (i.e.password or customer ID)
  • Randomized questions within a grid
  • Randomized checkboxes within a scale
  • Multiple answer questions handled as one question, not as multiple independent items as in databases and web form design programs
  • Required questions (“Must Answers”)
  • Enforced scale patterns (i.e. Social Security numbers)
  • Enforced scale rankings
  • Starting and ending handshakes — respondents can come from or be sent to another application (on completion) or website with data pass-through
  • Basic web surveys are compatible with the Apple iPhone and most Blackberry handheld devices running OS 4.0 and higher, including the 7XXX and 8XXX series
  • Complete email invitation management process(generate email invitations, embed login code in URL, send automatic reminders to non-respondents, etc.)

Analysis of Results

We offer a wide range of results analysis types and reports, from simple descriptive statistics to more advanced analyses, including:

  • Correlation studies
  • Significance testing (chi-square, t-test,z-test)
  • Factor analysis
  • Anova
  • Content analysis of open-ended comments
  • Others as needed or requested


We can create reports in a variety of formats, depending on client requirements or requests. In addition, we can provide Executive Summaries as PowerPoint presentations or as written reports.

We offer the unique ability to quickly and affordably run complex rollup reports for any kind of demographic subset (region, district, plant, facility, zip code, individual, etc.) As an example, we currently administer a customer satisfaction survey for one of our clients, who operates approximately 800 facilities around the country. We are able to generate a unique report for each of the facilities, plus rollup reports for districts, regions, areas, and corporate administrations.

We can also generate a variety of trend reports and historical comparison reports so clients can see how their results are changing over time.

Finally, we are available to travel to any client site in order to present the results of the survey to individuals or groups if this service is desired.

Contact Us

You can contact us directly at 801-489-5383 or via email at