Coaching Program

REAL Conversations
Coaching Program

If you want to improve your interpersonal skills, the REAL Conversations Mentoring Program may be just what you are looking for. This program is designed to assist individuals to increase their proficiency in speaking and interacting with others. You will learn how to achieve results more effectively by improving the way you work with people, and you will increase levels of respect while you build more productive relationships.

Taking the step to work and to learn with a mentor—or to mentor a colleague—is a reflection of your commitment and dedication to improving the way you work, think, create, and relate with others. Nothing could be more important!


Why mentoring rather than coaching?

Many of the coaches we see in high school and college athletics seem to be more interested in yelling and belittling, in planting their foot on a player's backside as a motivational technique, rather than in helping the team members grow and develop. A mentor is someone who teaches, guides, and shares wisdom with the intent of assisting another person in developing and growing to achieve their desired goals.

The purpose of the REAL Conversations Mentoring Program is to assist individuals to hold the types of conversations that world-class leaders hold in order to achieve results.

During the mentoring program, individuals will learn...

  • To recognize and manage the dynamics that are present in every interaction.
  • To use the skills of all effective conversation, and implement a model for using these skills to increase influence.
  • To connect with others in a way that heightens respect and increases commitment.
  • To recognize the impact of perception on everything we say and do; to challenge and assess the accuracy of their thinking and to avoid being driven by baseless assumptions.
  • To prepare to hold any difficult conversation in order to achieve improved results and accountability.
  • To share their own perspectives, thoughts, and ideas without creating defensiveness and in a way that increases others' contribution.
  • To ask questions to increase engagement and to uncover issues that often go unexplored.
  • To listen to what is being said and attend to what is not being said.
  • To identify barriers to change and to increase the courage and momentum to create new realities.

If these are skills that you desire to acquire and to master, then please contact us to learn more about this amazing program.