Learning to Handle Emotion

Do You Struggle with Emotional People?

Can You Defuse Negative Emotional Outbursts?

Do You Avoid Conflict of Any Kind?


Sometimes we let our own or another person's "hot" emotions get the best of us. We struggle to know what to do when faced with negative emotion or conflict! When strong feelings come up, most people either meet emotion with more emotion--or worse, we retreat from the situation entirely. Neither of these strategies helps us talk about what needs to be discussed or discover what is going on behind the "mask" of emotion.

Understanding what the display of "hot" emotion really means and how to get past the emotion is the key to holding REAL Conversations--conversations that get results. If you need to improve your conflict resolution skills, if you struggle to talk with emotionally "difficult" people, or if you just want to increase personal engagement, this short audio-visual presentation is for you.

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You will learn how to:

  • understand the thinking process that creates emotional reaction
  • use a simple four-step process for managing and defusing emotion in conversation  
  • listen to the messages that are hidden within the emotion that most people miss
  • ask the 4 questions that defuse defensiveness in yourself and others                
  • defuse defensiveness and increase understanding that will increase your interpersonal effectiveness and achieve results

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