Keynote: I Can't Believe You Said That!

I Can't Believe You Said That!

Strategies for Connecting and Engaging with Everyone

Inclusion, equity, and diversity have never been more important than they are today. Because everyone is uniquely different, the way we speak and interact with others is sometimes interpreted as offense. These offenses lead to mis­under­standings, violated expectations, and negative or stressful work environments. When disrespect abounds and people are at odds with one another, teamwork, collaboration, and contribution cease to exist.

In today’s volatile social landscape, no one can afford to unintentionally offend others. We need to be able to understand and work within a diverse workforce if we expect to create fantastic results.

It is possible to learn to recognize different “interaction” styles that others possess. Rather than being offended by others, successful people recognize that the way others interact is a function of how they think and approach the challenges they face. These are simply style differences—and while some people might be offended by a difference, it is really not intended to be taken personally. Unfortunately, our differences might keep us from establishing rapport and connecting with others, which ultimately detracts from the quality of our work.

Might you manage people more effectively if you understood the basis of their behavior? What working relationships need to be improved that would improve your results? What would it be worth if your people could instantly establish rapport and make connections? What impact would that have on working together, solving problems, or creating innovative solutions?

I Can’t Believe You Said That is a highly entertaining and personally reflective experience that helps participants recognize their personal interaction styles as well as recognize hallmarks of the styles of others. This knowledge is easily applicable to everyone’s personal and profession relationships, so it helps individuals connect and establish rapport. An ability to make better personal connections will vault employee engagement to new heights. 

The audience will learn how to communicate and interact with others in a way that increases respect and results. Conflict will be replaced with creative solutions. The inability to manage difficult people will be replaced by understanding and collaboration. 

This presentation provides much-needed individual tools for connecting and establishing rapport. Learn to unlock the mystery of personal differences, and you will be able to work much more effectively with other people.