Keynote: Tough Talk

Tough Talk

From Paralyzed to Practical

The pressure to hold difficult conversations can be overwhelming, even though we know that if we do not address issues of poor performance, employee disengagement, dwindling accountability, differing opinions, and violated expectations, then nothing will change. Quite often, people either stay paralyzed, choosing to say nothing, or they say the wrong thing and make matters worse.

Because of the remote nature of work today, people need to know—now more than ever—how to connect, establish rapport, and talk about what matters most. When you are able to hold difficult conversations, you promote learning, improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and positively impact both the productivity and the profitability of your company.

Are poor conversation skills impacting the morale of your people and the culture of your company? What does poor communication cost you in terms of lost time, poor collaboration, and inefficient execution? Do employees feel that they can candidly express their opinions and ask questions, or do they remain silent to maintain the status quo?

A vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive organization is built on the foundation of effective communication. Tough Talk introduces leaders, managers, and individual contributors to a five-pillar approach to holding any difficult conversation. Whether they need to talk about poor performance, address inappropriate behavior, solve coaching challenges, or craft more effective solutions, participants will learn to apply a simple process to any conversation they need to hold.

Tough Talk will build the capability of participants to unleash their full potential as they learn skills that will lead to colossal transformations…in both productivity and profitability. Create a culture of candor and openness that will fuel creative capacity for solving the most perplexing challenges by participating in this engaging presentation.