Download a REALcast and take the REAL TALK® Training with you anywhere!

What is a REALcast?

A REALcast is a podcast, and so much more. These are a number of audio recordings which support Dr. John R. Stoker's bestselling book, Overcoming Fake Talk.

In these audio recordings, John Stoker teaches the principles for holding REAL Conversations. The recordings are illustrated with stories and skills that make each audio memorable and easy to apply. And, in many instances, John will teach skills that are not in his book or the REAL Talk training.

How Do You Get Started?

The first REALcast, “What Keeps You Up at Night?,” is available as a free sample to anyone and everyone who visits the DialogueWORKS site. As you can see from the menu below, there is a whole library of REALcasts covering principles and skills that will help you hold REAL Conversations and avoid fake talk and all of the problems it can create.

Take advantage of this great resource by registering as a member on the DialogueWORKS site. This will allow you to either stream the audio directly from our site or download the content free of charge. Take the audio with you, so you can review what you have learned or discover new ways to talk about what matters most.

PC Users:  To download to your computer, hover your mouse over the REALcast episode and right click, then select "Save as Audio."

Mac Users: To download to your computer, hover your mouse over the REALcast episode and right click, then select "Save Audio As."


Overcoming Fake Talk REALcasts:


REALCast 1: Introduction

Introduction: What Keeps You Up at Night?

A description of professional and personal challenges that cause most people to struggle to talk about what matters most.

REALCast 2: Awareness

Learn to see and manage conversational dynamics.

REALCast 3: Knowledge

Learn the REAL Conversation Skills and the REAL Conversation Framework and use them deliberately.

REALCast 4: Preparation

Prepare the conversation to create a different reality.

REALCast 5: Reflection

Recognize and match the "interaction styles" of others to establish rapport, make connections, and increase personal engagement.

REALCast 6: Perception

Recognize and Suspend your thinking to uncover all the possibilities that exist inside yourself, possibilities hidden from view until now.

REALCast 7: Expression

Deliberately focus your intention to increase the power of your expression.

REALCast 8: Discovery

Ask questions to explore, understand, clarify, and learn what you know ane what you don't know.

REALCast 9: Connection

Listen & Attend for the details, manage your thoughts, empathize with others to defuse defensiveness, and clarify EASE.

REALCast 10: Creation

Apply and practice what you have learned, knowing that you will succeed in holding REAL Conversations!

Interviewed by Alise Cortez of Working on Purpose on Is Fake Talk Holding Back Your Success and Depriving You of the Results You Really Want.