Trainer Certification

All of our training programs are open to certification. In fact, we will customize any of our programs, build customized certification materials, and certify your people to train your customized program.

Although we have a number of highly-trained professional facilitators, training your own people to deliver the content is really the way to go, particularly if you have a large employee population, a number of teams, or if you want to do spaced learning.

After all, you know your culture, your challenges, your history, your goals, and your objectives better than we do. If you are interested in changing your culture, developing your leadership, and improving teamwork and accountability, then certifying internal trainers may be more cost-effective for you than using external facilitators.

What Are the Advantages of Certification?

Aside from being more cost-effective than using outside facilitators, there are a number of advantages to using internal facilitators.

  • Internal facilitators can train in two-day, one-day, or individualized formats at the convenience of your organization.
  • Internal facilitators aid in growing and developing internal resources to act as coaches to new personnel or struggling leaders.
  • Trainers may act as facilitators to have REAL conversations about tough issues.
  • Internal facilitators can adapt our rich content to existing organizational challenges and issues.
  • Certifying a number of people creates a number of champions and sponsors to support any ongoing change initiative.
  • Having an internal group of facilitators allows flexibility in scheduling and expanded roll-out options.

What Does it Take?

To qualify for certification in training a DialogueWORKS program, individuals must meet the following criteria. Certifying facilitators must:

  • Be either employed by or sponsored by a certifying organization.
  • Be either a professional facilitator or a line leader who has been approved by the sponsoring organization.
  • Demonstrate the capability to internalize and exhibit the very skills taught in the program in their teaching and facilitation.
  • Have a desire to help people grow and develop their conversation skills.
  • Be patient and accepting of different viewpoints and perspectives.
  • Attend the specific two-day workshop as a participant in addition to the two-day certification workshop.
  • Pass a certification interview and make a presentation that is approved by a Master Certified Facilitator.
  • Pay the certification fee and sign a Facilitator Agreement.
  • Train at least two workshops per year and submit evaluations from those courses for review.


If you would like to learn more about the certification process, please contact us through this site, call us at 1-801-491-5010 or email us at