Your Body Talks

Your Body Talks!

12 Secrets for Improving Your Nonverbal Communications

By increasing your awareness of the nonverbal messages you are sending and receiving from others, you will communicate more effectively, avoid misunderstandings, establish rapport and build trust in your personal and professional relationships.

Now we're talking!

In today's world, we see no shortage of books, articles, workshops and seminars on how to hold converstaions that enable us to improve our personal and professional relationships. 

We live in a day and age where communication has become almost instantaneous.

Technology allows us to be connected to others any time and place.
So why do we still struggle with communication?
Being able to effectively recognize, manage, and use the 93% of conversational dynamics to your benefit will greatly improve the power and quality of your communication and your results.
When you effectively manage the 93% portion of the non-verbal part of your communication, you will become a better communicator—both verbally and nonverbally.
Grab your copy of the free ebook now and learn how to:
  • Manage your facial expressions
  • Maintain effective eye contact
  • Listen to the tone of your voice 
  • Use verbal reinforcement
and much more. 


This ebook is presented by John R. Stoker, President of Light Storm Consulting and DialogueWORKS and author of Overcoming Fake Talk. See his full bio here.